Development of active catheter, active guide wire and micro sensor systems

Yoichi Haga, T. Mineta, K. Totsu, W. Makishi, M. Esashi

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Active catheters and active guide wires which move like a snake have been developed for catheter-based minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy. Communication and control IC chips in the active catheter reduce the number of lead wires for control. The active catheter can be not only bent but also torsioned and extended. An ultra minature fiber-optic pressure sensor, a forward-looking ultrasonic probe and a magnetic position and orientation sensor have been developed for catheters and guide wires. These moving mechanisms and several sensors which are fitted near the tip of the catheter and the guide wire will provide detailed information near the tip and enable delicate and effective catheter intervention.

ジャーナルInterventional Neuroradiology
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 12 1

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