Design of robust-fault-tolerant multiple-valued arithmetic circuits and their evaluation

Takeshi Kasuga, Michitaka Kameyama, Tatsuo Higuchi

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Robust-fault tolerance is a property that a computational result becomes nearly equal to the correct one at the occurrence of faults in digital system. There are many cases where the safety of digital control systems can be maintained if the property is satisfied. In this paper, robust-fault-tolerant three-valued arithmetic modules such as an adder and a multiplier are proposed. The positive and negative integers are represented by the number of 1's and -1's, respectively. The design concept of the arithmetic modules is that a fault makes linearly additive effect with a small value to the final result. Each arithmetic module consists of identical submodules linearly connected, so that multi-stage structure is formed to generate the final output from the last submodule. Between the input and output digits in the submodule some simple functional relation is satisfied with respect to the number of 1's and -1's. Moreover, the output digit value depends on very small portion of the submodules including the input digits. These properties make the linearly additive effect with a small value to the final result in the arithmetic modules even if multiple faults are occurred at the input and output of any gates in the submodules. Not only direct three-valued representation but also the use of three-valued logic circuits is inherently suitable for efficient implementation of the arithmetic VLSI system. The evaluation of the robust-fault-tolerant three-valued arithmetic modules is done with regard to the chip size and the speed using the standard CMOS design rule. As a result, it is made clear that the chip size can be greatly reduced.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1993 3月 1

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