Design automation of invertible logic circuit from a standard hdl description

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Invertible logic that can operate in a bidirectional way has a potential advantage to solve several critical issues such as integer factorization and machine learning. However, since it is an emerging technology, there are no systematic design tools to realize arbitrary invertible-logic circuits. In this paper, we propose a design automation tool converting a standard hardware description language (HDL) specification into invertible-logic circuits and performing the visualized simulation of its circuit behavior. Arbitrary combinational-logic circuits represented in HDL can be converted to invertible-logic circuits using the proposed tool, which allows us to design a wide variety of invertible-logic circuits with scalability. The behavior of the invertible-logic circuits generated can be also simulated and verified using the proposed simulator. For evaluation of the proposed tools, some typical invertible-logic circuits are generated within a low design cost from HDL including several nonlinear logic functions, which cannot be realized using the conventional design methods.

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