Deposition of TiB2 films by a co-sputtering method

T. Shikama, Y. Sakai, M. Fukutomi, M. Okada

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We deposited Ti1-xBx films onto molybdenum by the co-sputtering deposition method. The sputter target is composed of a titanium disk 150 mm in diameter on which a suitable amount of boron particles are placed. The coating temperature is 870 K. The deposited Ti1-xBx films are then characterized by conventional metallurgical techniques. It is recognized that the present coating method can produce stoichiometric TiB2 (titanium diboride) films having the same chemical bonding state as sintered TiB2 which is formed under thermal equilibrium conditions. The deposited stoichiometric TiB2 films, however, do not crystallize well when they are deposited without a negative bias voltage applied to the substrates. The application of a small negative bias voltage to the substrate is found to enhance crystallization of the deposited TiB2 films. The crystallized TiB2 films have a preferred (001) orientation.

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出版ステータスPublished - 1988 1月 30

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