Density and Surface Tension of CuxO Bearing Slags

T. Takasu, H. Itou, T. Nakamura

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Although CuxO bearing slags are applied in a pyrometallurgical copper recycling process from industrial waste, there are few physical property data on them. Therefore, densities and surface tensions of the melts in the system of CuxO- SiO2 and CuxO-CaO were measured in air atmosphere at 1573 by maximum bubble pressure method. The density and surface tension of CuxO melt in airare 5.5Mg/m3 and 480mN/m respectively at 1573K. The density and surface tension of CuxO-SiO2 slag decreased gradually with an increase in Si02 addition. It was found that these results showed the same trend when compared with previously reported data of density and surface tension for other binary silicate melts. Density values decreased with an increase of CaO content in the melt and surface tension values increased with an increase of CaO. Data are also discussed with other binary slags containing CaO.

ジャーナルHigh Temperature Materials and Processes
出版ステータスPublished - 2020

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