Data processing for 'SUBARU' telescope using GRID

Y. Shirasaki, M. Tanaka, S. Kawanomoto, S. Honda, M. Ohishi, Y. Mizumoto, N. Yasuda, Y. Masunaga, Y. Ishihara, J. Tsutsumi, H. Nakamoto, Y. Kobayashi, M. Sakamoto

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The amount of astronomical data is rapidly growing as the progress of telescope technology and the detection technique of recent years. As a result, the way of traditional analysis is becoming insufficient for utilizing the large amount of data efficiently. The SuprimeCam, which is one of the instruments equipped with the Subaru telescope, has been generating 7 TB of public data since its start of operation. It is almost impossible to transfer all the data to the local machine to analyze them. It is, therefore, desirable to have an environment where the data is analyzed where it is stored. In addition, it is not easy to use the Subaru data for an researcher who is not familiar with the Subaru data reduction. To overcome these difficulties, we developed the server side data analysis system and applied GRID technology to construct the system that carry out multiple jobs on multiple servers. Integrating this system to the Japanese Virtual Observatory, a user can easily utilize the GRID system through the web browser interface.

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