Crystal growth of Cd1-x-yMnxHgyTe1-zSez by a zone-melt method using a pressurized cast ingot

K. Onodera, H. Ohba, H. Sato, S. Nagayama

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II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor of Cd1-x-yMnxHgyTe1-zSez crystal (0.1 < x, y < 0.3, 0 ≤ z ≤ ≤ 0.02) has a high Hg vapor pressure at a temperature of crystal growth from a melt and also has temperature-composition phase diagrams with a wide solid solution. A quenched polycrystal ingot starting from a stoichiometric Cd1-x-yMnxHgyTe1-zSez melt was scaled up to a large size (20 mm diameter by 30 mm length) using a high-pressure synthesizing furnace, where a sealed quartz ampoule is subject to a high external pressure of argon gas (e.g. 14.0 MPa at 1060°C). Using this quenched polycrystal ingot, a large oriented single crystal has been grown by the zone melt method (ZM) for the the first time. It has a large size (20 mm diameter by 25 mm length), low insertion loss (0.2 dB at 0.98 μm) and compositional uniformity both in the axial and radial directions.

ジャーナルJournal of Crystal Growth
出版ステータスPublished - 2000 6 2
イベントThe 9th International Conference on II-VI Compounds - Kyoto, Jpn
継続期間: 1999 11 11999 11 5

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「Crystal growth of Cd<sub>1-x-y</sub>Mn<sub>x</sub>Hg<sub>y</sub>Te<sub>1-z</sub>Se<sub>z</sub> by a zone-melt method using a pressurized cast ingot」の研究トピックを掘り下げます。これらがまとまってユニークなフィンガープリントを構成します。