Copper distribution between FeS-Na2S flux and carbon saturated liquid iron

Chao Wang, Tetsuya Nagasaka, Mitsutaka Hino, Shiro Ban-Ya

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Copper distribution between FeS-NaS0.5 flux and carbon saturated liquid iron has been studied at 1673 K. Copper distribution ratio, LCu = (mass%Cu)flux/[mass%Cu]iron, was about 9 when FeS only was used as sulfide flux. The addition of NaS0.5 to FeS increased the distribution ratio. The LCu showed the maximum value of about LCu = 24, at around XNaS(0.5) = 0.4 and became nearly constant at the range of higher NaS0.5 content than 0.4. The addition also lowered sulfur content from 1.9 mass% at XNaS(0.5) = 0 to 0.04 mass% at XNaS(0.5) = 0.8. CuS0.5 dissolved in flux decreased LCu at high concentration of NaS0.5. The activity coefficient of CuS0.5 in flux decreased the activity coefficient so that LCu increased in spite of the decrease of sulfur potential by the addition of NaS0.5.

ジャーナルTetsu-To-Hagane/Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
出版ステータスPublished - 1991

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