Collection and advice on basketball field tests—a literature review

Anna Gál-Pottyondy, Bálint Petró, András Czétényi, János Négyesi, Ryoichi Nagatomi, Rita M. Kiss

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We conducted a review to collect the validated basketball-specific physical field tests and to provide practical advice for their appropriate selection and application. A comprehensive electronic literature search was performed via three electronic databases (PubMed, GoogleScholar, and SportDiscuss). Results of 93 studies provided recommendations for seven test packages and eighteen individual tests that have already been validated for basketball players. Although there is a lack of standardized, widely, and systematically used test protocols for testing the fitness levels of basketball players, standardized, normative data from NBA Combine Testing and other basketball-specific tests have the potential to help coaches compare their players with elite basketball players. Our review indicated that agility and reactive agility are fundamental skills in basketball; however, linear sprinting ability should not be considered a determining factor of success for basketball players. Finally, the countermovement jump test can help experts monitor fatigue, loss of explosive force, and interlimb asymmetries. In general, we found that identifying and developing a talented player is a complex task and requires experts from different fields, including trainers, coaches, performance-and movement analyzers, and physiotherapists. We found that during the testing of basketball players, experts always have to normalize their data with anthropometric measures for valid results. Most importantly, although experts always need to define an aim of testing and should follow the protocol of the chosen test, they also have to be open to making adjustments if the actual circumstances require it.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 10 1

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