CMOS/BiCMOS power amplifier technology trend in Japan

N. Suematsu, S. Shinjo

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Aiming for 2-5GHz band transceiver system on a chip, the integration of RF section has been developed by using conventional CMOS/BiCMOS (SiGeCMOS) process. The attempts to integrate power amplifiers (PA's) have been successful for low transmit power system such as Buletooth, but these attempts are very limited due to the poor power handling capability of FET's in CMOS and the distortion characteristics of BJT's(HBT's) in BiCMOS. From the point of view of a circuit designer, this paper reviews the recent research activities of CMOS/BiCMOS PA's in Japan, and also describes the details of (1) the feasibility study of PA's using conventional CMOS process, and (2) the circuitry trials of distortion reduction for BJT(HBT) PA's.

出版物ステータスPublished - 2001 1 1
イベント23rd Annual GaAs IC Symposium 2001 - Baltimore, MD, United States
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Other23rd Annual GaAs IC Symposium 2001
United States
Baltimore, MD

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    Suematsu, N., & Shinjo, S. (2001). CMOS/BiCMOS power amplifier technology trend in Japan. 107-110. 論文発表場所 23rd Annual GaAs IC Symposium 2001, Baltimore, MD, United States.