Chloride Flux Growth of Idiomorphic AWO4 (A = Sr, Ba) Single Microcrystals

Kenta Kawashima, Jun Hyuk Kim, Isabelle Cheng, Kunio Yubuta, Kihyun Shin, Yang Liu, Jie Lin, Graeme Henkelman, C. Buddie Mullins

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Scheelite-type divalent metal tungstate materials (AWO4) have been studied for various applications due to their attractive mechanical and chemical properties. Preparation of the shape-controlled AWO4 crystals with high crystallinity is one of the most effective approaches for further exploring and improving their properties. In this study, highly crystalline SrWO4 and BaWO4 microcrystals with different morphologies were grown by using a chloride flux growth technique. To investigate the effect of growth conditions on SrWO4 and BaWO4 crystals, NaCl and KCl were used as a flux, and the solute concentration was adjusted in the range of 5-50 mol %. The difference in the flux cation species (Na+ and K+) mainly affected the crystal size. In accordance with increasing the solute concentration, the dominant crystal shape of SrWO4 and BaWO4 varied as follows: whisker (a rod- or wire-like morphology with a large aspect ratio) → platelet → well/less-faceted polyhedron. Additionally, according to scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy results, a dendritic morphological transformation from AWO4 whisker to platelet during crystal growth has been proposed.

ジャーナルCrystal Growth and Design
出版ステータスPublished - 2018 9 5

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