Chill-zone aluminum alloys with GPa strength and good plasticity

Yan Li, Konstantinos Georgarakis, Shujie Pang, Frederic Chariot, Alain LeMoulec, Sandrine Brice-Profeta, Tao Zhang, Alain Reza Yavari

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    Using a cold graphite mold casting method, bulk AINiY chill-zone alloys were prepared at hypereutectic compositions with Al content from 85 at.% to 94 at.%. It was found that ultra-hard surface layers with a thickness of about 200 um and submicron grain size form when the melt can be undercooled without heterogeneous nucleation at the mold contact surface. This hard chill-zone forming in contact with the mold possesses Vickers microhardness Hv about 350-420 and is thus harder than fully amorphous AI alloys. In compression, ultimate strength more than 1.1 GPa and true strain more than 150% without failure were achieved simultaneously. The combination of high strength and good plasticity will be discussed in relation to the special structure of the chill-zone alloy.

    ジャーナルJournal of Materials Research
    出版ステータスPublished - 2009 4月 1

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