Chemotherapy for elderly cancer patient-application and issues

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A super aging society is reached, and elderly patients with cancer increase in Japan. The clinical trials for elderly cancer patient have not been conducted very much while anti-cancer drug therapy progresses. But, according to the subgroup analysis of clinical trials, as for the treatment outcome, there is not a difference with non-elderly people in many regimens. Also, a major difference is not found except a part about the side effect either. However, the ratio of elderly people enrolled in clinical trials is lower than the ratio of elderly cancer patients in the true clinic, and many elderly cancer patients are excluded with eligibility criteria and exclusion criteria. Therefore, attention is necessary on the occasion of adaptation of the anti-cancer drug therapy, and, as for the elderly people, an individual difference is bigger than nonelderly people to have a progressive decrease of various body function, adjustment disorders for the stress, and an increased risk of the aging associated diseases. Furthermore, it is necessary to evaluate a decrease of the perception, social background including the need of a supporter and the caregiver, several comorbidities and several medications, nutritional status etc. In near future, induction of comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) in the-field of anti-cancer drug therapy is thought to be necessary.

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