Changes in microstructure near the R-phase transformation in Ti50Ni48Fe2 studied by in-situ electron microscopy

Y. Murakami, D. Shindo

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Microstructural changes associated with the martensitic transformation from cubic (parent phase) to trigonal (R phase) which occurs with decreasing temperature in Ti50Ni48Fe2 have been intensively studied by in-situ electron microscopy. Although the parent phase shows a characteristic microstructure with small domains, which are due to lattice modulation as a precursor to the transformation, their temperature dependence is contrasted with that of domains which appear below the transformation temperature in the R phase. The observations convince us that there is an essential difference between the natures of the domains observed in each state, and also reveal the formation of peculiar antiphase-like boundaries within a needle-like variant of the R phase. We also estimate the approximate size of the R phase just after nucleation and compare this with a theoretical consideration on the size of nuclei in martensites.

ジャーナルPhilosophical Magazine Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 9

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