Bridge layer for content distribution

Kilho Shin, Koji Takeda, Masahiro Taguchi, Hiroshi Yasuda, Terumasa Aoki

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In this paper, the authors propose a bridge layer as a framework for the safe and free association of existing content architectures (CA) and payment and rights-management services (CHS: Clearinghouse Services). The unauthorized use of content through the circumvention of payment and rights-management is a serious threat. To eliminate this threat, the CHS must associate with the inherent content protection function provided by the CA closely. However, ad hoc association has problems relating to development and maintenance costs, motivation for association, and security, which become impediments to content distribution. A bridge layer provides a protocol for the association of a CA with the CHS, as well as the security functions called for by association. Because the CA and CHS comply with the bridge layer protocol, association is automatically implemented and the unauthorized use of content through circumvention is prevented. In this paper, the required technical elements of the bridge layer are clarified and an actual system satisfying these requirements is proposed.

ジャーナルSystems and Computers in Japan
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 2

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  • Theoretical Computer Science
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