Breakthrough properties of cesium in columns of ferrierites

Hitoshi Mimura, Fusamori Tachibana, Kenichi Akiba

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Breakthrough properties of Cs were examined at 298 K using columns packed with K+ forms of ferrierites. Breakthrough curves showed symmetrical S-shaped profiles at lower space velocity (SV) below 50/h. The adsorption zone of Cs increased linearly with flow rate and exceeded the length of packed column over 50/h. The S-shaped curves were obtained at lower HNO3 concentrations below 1 mol/dm3, whereas Cs readily flowed out through the column in the presence of 5 mol/dm3 HNO3. The break point was shifted to lower bed volumes with increasing concentration of coexisting cations; the amounts of Cs adsorbed were lowered in the presence of competing cations in the order, Na+ > K+ > Rb$+$/. Cesium adsorbed on ferrierites could be quantitatively eluted with 1 mol/dm3 KNO3 as an eluent. The selective removal of Cs was achieved by passing the simulated radioactive liquid wastes through the ferrierite columns.

ジャーナルJournal of Nuclear Science and Technology
出版ステータスPublished - 1992 1月 1

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