Breaking of odd chirality in magnetoelectrodeposition of copper films on micro-electrodes

Iwao Mogi, Ryoichi Aogaki, Kohki Takahashi

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The surface chirality was investigated in magnetoelectrodeposition (MED) of copper films on micro-disc electrodes with the diameters of 100 and 25 µm. The MED was conducted in the magnetic fields of 1–5 T, which were parallel or antiparallel to the ionic currents. In the case of 100 µm-electrodes, the MED films prepared in 2 and 3 T exhibited odd chirality for the magnetic field polarity, as expected in the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) vortex model. However, the films prepared in the higher fields of 4 and 5 T exhibited breaking of odd chirality. In the case of the 25 µm-electrode, the broken odd chirality was observed in 2 and 3 T. These results indicate that the strong vertical MHD flows induce the breaking of odd chirality. The mapping of chiral symmetry on the axes of the magnetic field and electrode diameter demonstrate that the odd chirality could be easily broken by the fluctuation of micro-MHD vortices.

出版ステータスPublished - 2021 11

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