Bonding and contacting of MEMS-structures on wafer level

M. Wiemer, J. Frömel, C. Jia, T. Gessner

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Effective and cost favorable procedures for hermetical encapsulation of MEMS-structures on wafer level can be fabricated by wafer bonding technologies like the seal glass bonding and by suitable connection technologies routing the electrical potential through the chip structure. Within the paper the parameters of the print and bonding process will be presented and the print process limits will be demonstrated by means of print and bonding results. Two possible variants of gas-proof, electric feed-throughs were examined. The electrical feed-throughs can be implemented at the bond interface, through the active part of the structures or through the cap wafer. The results of our investigations regarding integration on the wafer level showed, that it is possible to fabricate hermetically capped MEMS structures on wafer level by means of seal glass bonding and electrical contacting.

出版ステータスPublished - 2003 12 1

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