Beneficial reuse of EAF slag and its leaching behavior of Cr

Dai Xiu Wei, An Jun Xu, Dong Feng He, Nai Yuan Tian, Quan Yang

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The structure and properties of EAF slag and it's leaching behavior of Cr were studied. The results indicate that the main minerals in the EAF slag are Ca 2SiO 4, Ca 3Mg(SiO 4) 2 and MgCr 2O 4. The content of Cr 2O 3 in EAF slag is 2.92%. The slag are suitable for beneficial reuse, but metals in EAF slag are distributed evenly among every particle size. The leaching tests of Cr in slag show that the ratio of Cr leaching rate from slag in deionized water was inversely-proportional to particle size, and directly proportional to leaching time and liquid to solid ratio. Electromagnetic stirring improve the kinetic condition and improve Cr leaching rate. In deionized water, the percentage of Cr(VI) is higher than 50% in all the Cr leached from EAF slag. In acid solution, the volume of Cr leaching from slag increases but all the Cr are in the form of Cr(III).

ジャーナルKang T'ieh/Iron and Steel
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 10

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