Beam homogenizer for hollow-fiber delivery system of excimer laser light

Yuji Matsuura, Daisuke Akiyama, Mitsunobu Miyagi

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A beam homogenizer for a hollow-fiber-based, UV laser delivery system is proposed. A rectangular glass waveguide with an inner aluminum coating that has a 1-mm square cross section is attached at the output end of the circular-core hollow fiber with a 1-mm inner diameter. The rectangular waveguide generates a number of higher-order modes and results in a uniform top-hat profile. The configuration of the waveguide is designed by a ray-tracing technique so that both the low transmission loss and the high uniformity in the output beam are obtained. The fabricated waveguide shows a low loss of 0.4 dB, and the intensity variation coefficient is 7%. The output beam from the rectangular waveguide is expanded by a lens to the size larger than 10-mm square. It is also shown that the profile does not change with the bending condition.

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