B-scan analysis of subsurface radar sounding of lunar highland region

Takao Kobayashi, Takayuki Ono, Hiroshi Oya

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Subsurface sounding of lunar highland region by Lunar Radar Sounder of SELENE project has been investigated based on a computer simulation technique which enables us to analyze sounder echo signals from a modeled lunar surface. Using a numerically generated surface feature of a highland region which is characterized by impact craters, whole sequence of LRS observations, and data analyses have been simulated. The study was carried out on those simulated LRS observation data in order to establish a data analysis methodology of subsurface sounding in highland region. The established data analysis methodology consists of a set of data analyses, and gives a guide line to determine the detectability of subsurface signal. The points of the methodology are (1) the subsurface echo signal is recognized as a straight linear pattern in B-scan display, and (2) data stack technique is introduced to reduce surface off-nadir echoes, however, (3) the data stack should be done within the range of optimal data stack, and, (4) the limit of optimal data stack is determined from the behavior of the surface nadir echo.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2002

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