Assessment of myocardial metabolic disorder associated with mediastinal radiotherapy for esophageal cancer -a pilot study

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Background: To evaluate the dose-effect relations for myocardial metabolic disorders after mediastinal radiotherapy (RT) by performing iodine-123 β-methyl-iodophenyl pentadecanoic acid (I-123 BMIPP) scintigraphy. Methods: Between 2011 and 2012, we performed I-123 BMIPP scintigraphy for patients with esophageal cancer before and six months after curative mediastinal RT. Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) images of pre-RT and post-RT were registered into RT dose distributions. The myocardium was contoured, and the regional RT dose was calculated. Normalization is required to compare pre- and post-RT SPECT images because the uptake pattern is changed due to the breathing level. Normalization was applied on the mean of SPECT counts in regions of the myocardium receiving less than 5 Gy. Relative values in each dose region (interval of 5 Gy) were calculated on the basis of this normalization for each patient. The reduction in the percent of relative values was calculated. Results: Five patients were enrolled in this study. None of the patients had a past history of cardiac disease. The left ventricle was partially involved in RT fields in all patients. The patients received RT with median total doses of 60-66 Gy for the primary tumor and metastatic lymph nodes. Concomitant chemotherapy consisting of cisplatin or nedaplatin and 5-fluorouracil with RT was performed in 4 patients. All patients had reduced uptake corresponding to RT fields. Dose-effect relations for reduced uptake tended to be observed at 6 months after RT with mean decreases of 8.96% in regions at 10-15 Gy, 12.6% in regions at 20-25 Gy, 15.6% in regions at 30-35 Gy, 19.0% in regions at 40-45 Gy and 16.0% in regions at 50-55 Gy. Conclusions: Dose-effect relations for myocardial metabolic disorders tended to be observed. We may need to make an effort to reduce high-dose mediastinal RT to the myocardium in RT planning.

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