Artificial magnetic field for synthetic quantum matter without dynamical modulation

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We propose an all-static method to realize an artificial magnetic field for charge neutral particles without introducing any time modulation. Our proposal consists of one-dimensional tubes subject to harmonic trapping potentials with shifted centers. We show that this setup realizes an artificial magnetic field in a hybrid real-momentum space. We discuss how characteristic features of particles in a magnetic field, such as chiral edge states and the quantized Hall response, can be observed in this setup. We find that the mean-field ground state of bosons in this setup in the presence of long-range interactions in physical real space can have quantized vortices in the hybrid real-momentum space; such a state with vortices exhibits a supersolid structure in the physical real space. Our method can be applied to a variety of synthetic quantum matter, including ultracold atomic gases, coupled photonic cavities, coupled waveguides, and exciton-polariton lattices.

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