Anisotropy and damping in Co 2FeAl 0:5Si 0:5 via electrical detection of ferromagnetic resonance

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The authors have investigated spin dynamics properties and magnetic anisotropy parameters of epitaxial Co 2FeAl 0.5Si 0.5 (CFAS) thin films using electrical detection of ferromagnetic resonance on basis of spin rectification effect. The samples of CFAS were grown on (001) MgO substrate by sputtering, and patterned into stripes with a length of 760m and various widths between 5 and 40 μm for the electric detection. Analysis of the angle dependent FMR allows the anisotropy field, K 1 to be determined (1.04 × 10 5 erg/cm 3). By analyzing the line width vs the resonant frequency, a damping constant α, of 0.005 is obtained.

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