AlN formation by an Al/GaN substitution reaction

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Aluminium nitride (AlN) is a promising semiconductor material for use as a substrate in high-power, high-frequency electronic and deep-ultraviolet optoelectronic devices. We study the feasibility of a novel AlN fabrication technique by using the Al/GaN substitution reaction method. The substitution method we propose here consists of an Al deposition process on a GaN substrate by a sputtering technique and heat treatment process. The substitution reaction (Al + GaN = AlN + Ga) is proceeded by heat treatment of the Al/GaN sample, which provides a low temperature, simple and easy process. C-axis-oriented AlN layers are formed at the Al/GaN interface after heat treatment of the Al/GaN samples at some conditions of 1473–1573 K for 0–3 h. A longer holding time leads to an increase in the thickness of the AlN layer. The growth rate of the AlN layer is controlled by the interdiffusion in the AlN layer.

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