ADEM simulation for analysis of particle breakage of irregular shaped particles

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Breakage behavior of irregular shaped particles was analyzed by ADEM (Advanced Distinct Element Method). This paper attempted to determine ADEM parameters to represent breakage behavior of irregular shaped particles. Compression test have been carried out experimentally to obtain information about particle breakage. In the simulation, joint spring coefficient and maximum strain were parameters for reproducing the experimental results. Pumice was chosen as a sample, and the shape was measured by 3D scanner. Obtained 3D data was converted to cluster particle which is agglomerate of primary particles. Simulation results were compared to experimental results from the view point of load-displacement curve and the shape of samples after breakage. In the simulation, the gradient of load in response to displacement obviously increases with an increase in the joint spring coefficient. Compressive strength increases with an increase in the maximum strain. Impact test was carried out to confirm whether the parameters determined by compression test can also be applied to other breakage behavior. In the impact test, a stainless steel ball was free-falling on the cluster particle from 200 or 400 mm in drop height. In experiment, the number of dropping times needed for breakage decrease with increase in falling height. Same tendency could be observed in the simulation. Breakage behavior in impact test could express by ADEM simulation using the simulation parameters obtained from compression test. According to these results, it is suggested that ADEM has a possibility to become a useful tool to analyze particle breakage behavior.

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