Adaptive multimodal vibration suppression using fuzzy-based control with limited structural data

Kanjuro Makihara, Chikako Kuroishi, Hisao Fukunaga

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We propose a novel fuzzy-based method of adaptive multimodal vibration suppression with limited structural data. The adaptive control consists of fuzzy inference and a semi-active switching approach. We demonstrate it to be applicable to multimodal vibration suppression for vibrating structures, where a single piezoelectric actuator suppresses two modal vibrations simultaneously. Our fuzzy-based semi-active control requires only the structural information of natural frequencies for real-time adaptive feedback, whereas common adaptive controls require highly precise structural models or complete equations of motion. We conduct experiments in semi-active vibration suppression using the proposed fuzzy-based control, and compare the suppression performance of our fuzzy-based approach with conventional controls. The experiments indicate that the proposed fuzzy-based control demonstrates good adaptability when experiencing sudden changes in disturbance excitation, and also demonstrates high suppression performance. The fuzzy-based control can adapt to a wide range of disturbance conditions, both within and outside the range of vibration excitations assumed when the controller is designed.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2013 7月

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