Actuation of long flexible cables using ciliary vibration drive

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Long flexible cables have difficulty in handling their movement with just pulling or pushing. We proposed an actuation mechanism for long flexible cables to get active mobility using a ciliary vibration drive. The ciliary vibration drive generates driving force on a cable by vibrating inclined thin sting or wire cilia. Ciliary bending and recovery movement during vibration makes cilia tips stick and slip rapidly and generates distributed driving force on the cable. We made observation and modeling of physical phenomena of cilia movement to design the optimal ciliary vibration drive. We also determined optimal parameters such as material, a diameter, density and an inclination angle of cilia, and interval of vibration motors on a trial basis. We also developed an active scope camera which was installed the proposed mechanism. A prototype of the active scope camera showed good performance in practical rescue activities. A prototype of a scope camera 8 m long crawls at a maximum speed of 47 mm/s, climbs slopes of 20 deg, surmounts obstacles 200mm high, follows walls, and turns on floors. Experiments at Collapsed House Simulation Facility demonstrate its practical advantage in rubble pile.

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    Konyo, M., & Tadokoro, S. (2010). Actuation of long flexible cables using ciliary vibration drive. : Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs (pp. 177-188). Springer London.