A single auditory tone alters the perception of multiple visual events

Yousuke Kawachi, Philip M. Grove, Kenzo Sakurai

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We aimed to show that a single auditory tone crossmodally affects multiple visual events using a multiple stream/bounce display (SBD), consisting of two disk pairs moving toward each other at equal speeds, coinciding, and then moving apart in a two-dimensional (2-D) display. The temporal offsets were manipulated between the coincidences of the disk pairs (0 to ±240 ms) by staggering motion onset between the pairs. A tone was presented at the coincidence timing of one of the disk pairs on half of the trials. Participants judged whether the disks in each of two pairs appeared to stream through or bounce off each other. Results show that a tone presented at either of the disk pairs' coincidence points promoted bouncing percepts in both disk pairs compared to no-tone trials. Perceived bouncing persisted in the disk-pair whose coincidence was offset 60 ms before and up to more than 120 ms after the audiovisual coincidence timing of the other disk-pair. The temporal window of bounce promotion was comparable to that obtained with a conventional SBD. The interaction of a single auditory event and multiple visual events was also modulated by the kind of experimental task (the stream/bounce or simultaneity judgments). These findings suggest that, using a single auditory cue, the perceptual system resolves the ambiguity of the motion of multiple disk pairs presented within the conventional temporal window of crossmodal interaction.

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