A regional model of the geomagnetic field over the Pacific Ocean for epoch 2002

Hiroaki Toh, Hironori Kanezaki, Masahiro Ichiki

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The Pacific region has been geomagnetically less surveyed in the sense that there are a very limited number of ground stations that continuously measure the Earth's vector magnetic field. Recently, however, long-term vector geomagnetic observation has started at several stations, mostly on oceanic islands but including one seafloor station, which presently reinforces monitoring the geomagnetic field by the land-based observation network. The new geomagnetic data together with those collected by Intermagnet Magnetic Observatories (IMOs) being operated in the Pacific and its rim were combined to give a regional geomagnetic reference field over the western Pacific (RGRF-P) for epoch 2002 using spherical cap harmonics (SCHs). The resultant snapshot of the regional geomagnetic field was found to coincide well with existing global models, e.g., the 10th generation of International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF-10). This implies that the regionally denser geomagnetic network still sees small contribution of non-dipole components over the Pacific.

ジャーナルGeophysical Research Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2007 5 16

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