A proposal for searching for electromagnetic wave sources by using a synthetic aperture technique

Jun‐Ichi ‐I Kikuchi, Motoyuki Sato, Yoji Nagasawa, Risaburo Sato

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Unwanted electromagnetic waves radiated from equipment making use of electromagnetic energy create numerous societal problems. The prevention of these problems has been studied extensively. In this paper, a method for estimating the location of the unwanted electromagnetic waves is studied. Since it is difficult to make the antenna aperture large especailly at low frequencies, a search for electromagnetic wave source via a synthetic aperture technique is proposed. In the estimated electromagnetic source distribution by this method, images similar to the antenna sidelobes appear. It is demonstrated by computer simulation that the images can be suppressed by use of the synthetic aperture method with subarrays or use of Mill's cross method. Discrepancies between the true source location and the estimated location have been found in regard to the synthetic aperture length and the geometrical relationship with respect to the aperture center. It has been found that the antenna configuration with the synthetic aperture length of 10 λ can estimate an electromagnetic wave source within 10 λ square with accuracy of less than 1/4 λ square. Therefore this method is sufficiently practical if the location of the source is restricted somewhat.

ジャーナルElectronics and Communications in Japan (Part I: Communications)
出版ステータスPublished - 1987

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