A new intervention program for improvement of cognitive functions of senile dementia patients

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We proposed a new intervention program, the concept of which is derived from the knowledge of both brain science and clinical studies. We set up a hypothesis that activation of the association cortices by cognitive tasks may well improve the function of these cortices. To choose effective cognitive tasks for activation of the association cortices, we reviewed previous neuroimaging studies. Then, we prepared two tasks in arithmetic and Japanese language, which were systematized basic problems in reading and arithmetic, for the training program. Sixteen experimental and 16 control subjects participated. The subjects of the experimental group were asked to perform a training program using learning tasks in reading and arithmetic. The function of the frontal cortex of the subjects was assessed by FAB (frontal assessment battery at bedside). After six months of training, the FAB score of the experimental group showed a statistically significant improvement. We also observed the restoration of communication and independence, and improvement in relationships with the clinical staff in the experimental group. Our results indicate that learning tasks of reading aloud and arithmetic calculation can be used for cognitive rehabilitation, which improves frontal functions of dementia patients.

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