A groundbreaking new suturing device: The Excalibur

K. Uchida, N. Haruta, H. Tanji, M. Okajima, T. Naitoh, K. Kasama, M. Matsuda, M. Yamamoto

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Background: Laparoscopic knot tying can be stressful. We reported two simple techniques, known as the Thumbs up! knot and the Tornado knot. We have further refined these procedures with the development of a new needle holder, called the Excalibur suturing needle holder. Materials: This forceps differ from most conventional forceps in that the hinge is designed to stick out. The large hinge is stored out of the way when the forceps are closed, to prevent the thread accidentally catching. Results: The thread is hooked on the projected hinge, which resembles the heel of a high-heel shoe. By using this forceps, the laparoscopic knot tying becomes easier for not only well experienced but also less experienced surgeons. Conclusions: The Excalibur, with its high heel, can complete knots with simple straight-line motion, making knot tying easier. This forceps will help reduce the stresses associated with intra-corporeal knot tying.

ジャーナルSurgical Endoscopy and Other Interventional Techniques
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 3月

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