Upper critical field in heavy fermion systems

M. Tachiki, T. Koyama, S. Takahashi

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For explaining the peculiar temperature dependence of the upper critical field Hc in UBe13 the following mechanism was considered: The Hc2 of UBe13 is extremely high at low temperatures and its intensity is comparable to the Kondo temperature in this compound. Therefore, the coherent state itself may be affected by the external field. The self-energy and vertex function of a quasielectron become field dependent. This field dependence causes the modification of the g-factor, the spin-orbit interaction and the pairing interaction of quasielectrons. Taking account of the modification and assuming singlet superconductivity, we calculated the Hc2 of the heavy fermion systems for various of the parameters. The result shows parameters are selected. The possibility of the reentrant superconductivity in the high field region is predicted.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-59
Number of pages3
JournalPhysica B+C
Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - 1985 Dec 2

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