Unstable mixing region in wurtzite In1 - X - YGaXAlYN

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In In1 - XGaXN epitaxially grown by MOVPE, phase separation is experimentally found to occur at an indium composition of more than 20% from X-ray diffraction and microscopic examination using an analytical electron transmission microscope. Fitting the spinodal isotherms calculated from the free energy of mixing based on a strictly regular solution approximation using delta-lattice-parameter method to the experimental data, the constant of proportionality K between a lattice constant and the pseudobinary interaction parameter is determined. Using this K value, the pseudobinary interaction parameter is calculated using the delta-lattice-parameter method, and the unstable mixing region in a wurtzite structure In1-X-YGaXAlYN quaternary system is predicted.

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JournalJournal of Crystal Growth
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Jun 15
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  • III-V
  • InGaAlN
  • Phase separation

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