Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Intense Laser Fields

Toshiyuki Nishiyama, Yoshiaki Kumagai, Akinobu Niozu, Hironobu Fukuzawa, Koji Motomura, Maximilian Bucher, Yuta Ito, Tsukasa Takanashi, Kazuki Asa, Yuhiro Sato, Daehyun You, Yiwen Li, Taishi Ono, Edwin Kukk, Catalin Miron, Liviu Neagu, Carlo Callegari, Michele Di Fraia, Giorgio Rossi, Davide E. GalliTommaso Pincelli, Alessandro Colombo, Takashi Kameshima, Yasumasa Joti, Takaki Hatsui, Shigeki Owada, Tetsuo Katayama, Tadashi Togashi, Kensuke Tono, Makina Yabashi, Kazuhiro Matsuda, Christoph Bostedt, Kiyonobu Nagaya, Kiyoshi Ueda

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Femtosecond laser pulses have opened new frontiers for the study of ultrafast phase transitions and nonequilibrium states of matter. In this Letter, we report on structural dynamics in atomic clusters pumped with intense near-infrared (NIR) pulses into a nanoplasma state. Employing wide-angle scattering with intense femtosecond x-ray pulses from a free-electron laser source, we find that highly excited xenon nanoparticles retain their crystalline bulk structure and density in the inner core long after the driving NIR pulse. The observed emergence of structural disorder in the nanoplasma is consistent with a propagation from the surface to the inner core of the clusters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number123201
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Sep 16

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