Transport phenomena in spin caloritronics

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Abstract: The interconversion between spin, charge, and heat currents is being actively studied from the viewpoints of both fundamental physics and thermoelectric applications in the field of spin caloritronics. This field is a branch of spintronics, which has developed rapidly since the discovery of the thermo-spin conversion phenomenon called the spin Seebeck effect. In spin caloritronics, various thermo-spin conversion phenomena and principles have subsequently been discovered and magneto-thermoelectric effects, thermoelectric effects unique to magnetic materials, have received renewed attention with the advances in physical understanding and thermal/ thermoelectric measurement techniques. However, the existence of various thermo-spin and magneto-thermoelectric conversion phenomena with similar names may confuse non-specialists. Thus, in this Review, the basic behaviors, spin-charge-heat current conversion symmetries, and functionalities of spin-caloritronic phenomena are summarized, which will help new entrants to learn fundamental physics, materials science, and application studies in spin caloritronics.

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Pages (from-to)69-88
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JournalProceedings of the Japan Academy Series B: Physical and Biological Sciences
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • magnetic material
  • magnetothermoelectric effect
  • spin Peltier effect
  • spin Seebeck effect
  • spin caloritronics
  • spin current

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