Toward Realizing the Sustainable use of and Healthy Marine Environments in an Open-Type Enclosed Bay

Teruhisa Komatsu, Shingo X. Sakamoto, Shuhei Sawayama, Hiroki Murata, Shuji Sasa, Shigeru Montani, Hajimu Yatabe, Naoya Yokoji, Hotaka Seko, Yuki Nakano, Manabu Fujii, Allam Ayman, Masafumi Natsuike, Hiroaki Ito, Chihiro Yoshimura, Takashi Sakamaki, Osamu Nishimura

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Coastal waters forming an ecotoone between land and the sea include important habitats that provide many ecosystem services for human beings. Pressure brought by human activities has accumulated, however, and is beyond the capacity of coastal waters, as noted by the concept of the planetary boundary. No studies have been done about the impact of the open ocean and land-based loads from rivers and aquacultures on the environmental conditions in an open-type enclosed bay. These characteristics are different from those of a typical enclosed bay, which is influenced mainly by human activities. Few studies have been about the management methods of coastal waters, realizing that human beings can live connected with nature. Yanagi defined Satoumi as coastal waters whose productivity and biodiversity are increased by human interventions that generate fat, long, and smooth material flows. According to Yanagi, material flows can be accomplished through management of the environments in the watersheds from the mountains to the sea and the management of marine bioresources, including human consumers, who are top predators in a marine food chain. Matsuda noted that sound coastal fisheries are indispensable for maintaining healthy material flows and a sound marine environment. These two objectives form Satoumi activities, but no studies can present how to accomplish these objectives in an open-type enclosed bay. When we obtain an answer, we will be able to put them into practice for realizing a sound, prosperous, and sustainable open-type enclosed bay.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIntegrated Coastal Management in the Japanese Satoumi
Subtitle of host publicationRestoring Estuaries and Bays
Number of pages43
ISBN (Electronic)9780128130605
ISBN (Print)9780128130612
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jan 1


  • Aquaculture raft density
  • Blue infrastructure
  • Coastal habitat mapping
  • Coastal management
  • Dissolved iron
  • Ecolabel
  • Ecotone
  • Land use
  • Material flow
  • Nutrient cycling
  • Open-type enclosed bay
  • Oyster culture
  • POM
  • Ramsar site
  • Sanriku Coast
  • Satoumi
  • Seaweed culture
  • Self-gardening of oyster

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