Torsion zero-cycles on a product of canonical lifts of elliptic curves

Takao Yamazaki

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Let X be a surface over a p-adic field with good reduction and let Y be its special fiber. We write T (X) and T (Y) for the kernels of the Albanese maps of X and Y, respectively. Then, F(X) = T(X)/T(X)div is conjectured to be finite, where T(X)div is the maximal divisible subgroup of T(X). Furthermore, F(X) is conjectured to be isomorphic to T(Y) modulo p-primary torsion. We show that the p-primary torsion subgroup of F(X) can be arbitrary large even though we fix the special fiber Y.

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Publication statusPublished - 2004 Apr
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  • Abelian surface over a local field
  • Chow group
  • Syntomic cohomology

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