The stability of 3D skyrmions under mechanical stress studied via Monte Carlo calculations

Sahbi El Hog, Fumitake Kato, Satoshi Hongo, Hiroshi Koibuchi, Gildas Diguet, Tetsuya Uchimoto, Hung T. Diep

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Using Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, we study the skyrmion stability/instability as a response to uniaxial mechanical stresses. Skyrmions emerge in chiral magnetic materials as a stable spin configuration under external magnetic field B→ with the competition of ferromagnetic interaction and Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction (DMI) at low temperature T. Skyrmion configurations are also known to be stable (unstable) under a compressive stress applied parallel (perpendicular) to B→. To understand the origin of such experimentally confirmed stability/instability, we use the Finsler geometry modeling technique with a new degree of freedom for strains, which plays an essential role in DMI being anisotropic. We find from MC data that the area of the skyrmion state on the B−T phase diagram increases (decreases) depending on the direction of applied stresses, in agreement with reported experimental results. This change in the area of the skyrmion state indicates that skyrmions become more (less) stable if the tensile strain direction is parallel (perpendicular) to B→. From the numerical data in this paper, we find that the so-called magneto-elastic effect is suitably implemented in the effective DMI theory with the strain degree of freedom without complex magneto-elastic coupling terms for chiral magnetic materials. This result confirms that experimentally-observed skyrmion stability and instability are caused by DMI anisotropy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105578
JournalResults in Physics
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jul


  • Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction
  • Finsler geometry
  • Magneto-elastic
  • Monte Carlo
  • Skyrmion
  • Skyrmion stability

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