The dynamics of dual-magma-chamber system during volcanic eruptions inferred from physical modeling

Tomofumi Kozono

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A magma plumbing system with dual magma chambers beneath active volcanoes is commonly observed through petrological and geophysical measurements. This paper developed a physical model for the dynamics of a dual-magma-chamber system during volcanic eruptions. The model consists of the plumbing system where two elastically deformable magma chambers are connected in series with non-deformable conduits. Based on this model, we obtained an analytical solution that describes temporal changes in pressures at the two chambers accompanied by the eruption. The analytical solution showed that the feature of the chamber pressure changes is mainly controlled by two non-dimensional numbers C and Ω . Here, C is the ratio of the parameter controlling the magnitude of pressure change in the shallower chamber to that in the deeper chamber, and Ω is the ratio of conduit’s conductivity (inverse of resistivity to magma flow) between the shallower chamber and the surface to that between the chambers. For smaller C and Ω , the shallower chamber’s pressure is kept constant during the decrease in the pressure at the deeper chamber in the initial phase of the eruption. This corresponds to a deformation pattern commonly observed in some eruptions, in which the deflation of the deeper chamber was predominant. The estimation of C and Ω based on the parameters related to magma properties and geometries of the chambers and the conduits revealed that the smaller C and Ω conditions are satisfied under realistic magmatic and geological parameters. This indicates that the magma dynamics in the dual-chamber system generally cause the dominance of the deeper chamber’s deflation.[Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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Article number103
Journalearth, planets and space
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Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec


  • Geodetic observation
  • Magma chamber
  • Mamga dynamics
  • Volcanic eruption

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