The (π+,K+) reaction and light Λ hypernuclear spectroscopy

S. Ajimura, K. Aoki, H. Bhang, T. Endo, Y, Fujii, O. Hashimoto, H. Hotchi, E. Hungerford, J. H. Kim, Y. D. Kim, T. Kishimoto, K. Koshino, K. Kubota, K. Maeda, T. Nagae, H. Noumi, Y. Ohta, K. Omata, H. Outa, H. ParkY. Saito, T. Saito, Y. Sato, M. Sekimoto, T. Shibata, T. Takahashi, T. Tamagawa, H. Tamura, L. Tang, H. Tanid, M. Youn

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High-quality excitation-energy spectra of 7ΛLi, 9ΛBe, 13ΛC and 16ΛO as well as 12ΛC have been obtained with 2 MeV (FWHM) resolution and good statistics through the (π+, K+) reaction. The spectra of 12ΛC, 16Λ and 13ΛC are discussed in relation to the ΛN spin-dependent interaction, and those of 9ΛBe and 7ΛLi within the framework of the cluster structure of Λ hypernuclei. It is emphasized that Λ hypernuclear spectroscopy provides us with valuable information on Λ hypernuclear structure and the ΛN interaction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)93c-102c
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Aug 24

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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