Temperature dependence of Ce-doped (Gd0.6 La0.4)2Si2O7 scintillators

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(Ce0.01 Gd0.59 La0.40)2Si2O7 single crystal (La40% sample) was grown by the micro-pulling-down method to study its scintillation properties and their temperature dependence. In addition, we investigated the relation between these properties and La concentration comparing the crystal with (Ce0.01 Gd0.90 La0.09)2Si2O7 (La9% sample). As results, the light output of the La40% sample at 25°C was similar to that of the La9% sample. On the other hand, the decay time of the La40% sample was slower than that of the La9% sample at 25°C. The light output of La40% sample had a small decrease rate at high temperature when compared with that of La9% sample.

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JournalOptical Materials
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  • Pyrosilicate
  • Scintillator
  • Temperature dependence

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