Synthesis of uniform particles of CdS, ZnS, Pbs and CuS from concentrated solutions of the metal chelates

Tadao Sugimoto, Sihai Chen, Atsushi Muramatsu

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A series of uniform metal sulfide particles including CdS, ZnS, PbS and CuS have been synthesized by aging relatively concentrated solutions of Cd2+, Zn2+ Pb2+ or Cu2+ ions in combination with a wide variety of chelating agents, thioacetamide (CH3CSNH2), ammonia and gelatin at 25°C. With Cd2+, Zn2+ and Pb2+, the yields of the metal sulfides were lowered with increasing stability constant of the metal chelates. When the stability constant in logK1 or logK1K2 was lower than 10, the reaction was too fast to produce completely uniform particles in the present system. On the other hand, when the stability constant exceeded ca. 18, it was almost impossible to produce the metal sulfide with a sufficiently high yield. Hence, appropriate chelates were chosen from those with stability constants between 10 and 18. A new theory of the growth kinetics was formulated and used for the analysis of the experimental results. It was found that the first-order kinetics of particle growth was the best in achievement of monodispersity. For this purpose, ammonia was useful as an accelerator of the growth of the metal sulfides. The formation of CuS particles was often found to be complete within 2 min at 25°C irrespective of the stability constants of Cu2+ chelates, owing to the exceptionally high dissociation rate constants of these chelates. In many systems, CuS was found to be dissolved after the complete precipitation due to the direct oxidization of S2- ions of the CuS particles by dissolved oxygen, yielding uniform hollow particles of CuS.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)207-226
Number of pages20
JournalColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Apr 15


  • Chelate
  • Gel-sol method synthesis
  • Metal sulfide
  • Monodispersed particles

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