Synthesis of smectite from volcanic glass at low temperature

Katsutoshi Tomita, Hisanori Yamane, Motoharu Kawano

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Smectite and zeolites were formed from a volcanic glass as the products of reaction with NaOH solution at 90°C and 100°C under atmospheric pressure. Formation conditions of smectite and various zeolites were determined by the ratio of the amounts of volcanic glass (g) to NaOH (g) in the solution. Smectite was formed under the condition that the values of weight of volcanic glass (g)/(NaOH(g)/40) are between 0.5 and 6. Fe was an important constituent of the octahedral layer of smectite.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)655-661
Number of pages7
JournalClays and Clay Minerals
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1993 Dec


  • Low temperature
  • Smectite
  • Sodium hydroxide concentration
  • Synthesis
  • Volcanic glass
  • Zeolites

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  • Water Science and Technology
  • Soil Science
  • Geochemistry and Petrology
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (miscellaneous)


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