Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of HNbWO6/TiO2 and HNbWO6/Fe2O3 nanocomposites

Jihuai Wu, Satoshi Uchida, Yoshinobu Fujishiro, Shu Yin, Tsugio Sato

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TiO2 and Fe2O3 were intercalated into the interlayer of HNbWO6 together with Pt by the successive reactions of HNbWO6 with [Pt(NH3)4]Cl2, n-C3H7NH2 and acidic TiO2 colloid solution or [Fe3(CH3CO2)7(OH)(H 2O)2]NO3 aqueous solution followed by UV light irradiation. The height of TiO2 and Fe2O3 pillars was less than 0.5 nm. The bandgap energies of HNbWO6/TiO2 and HNbWO6/Fe2O3 nanocomposites were 3.12 and 2.22 eV, respectively. Both nanocomposites showed hydrogen production activity by the bandgap irradiation in the presence of sacrificial hole acceptor such as methanol. The photocatalytic activities of HNbWO6/TiO2 and HNbWO6/Fe2O3 nanocomposites were superior to those of unsupported TiO2 and Fe2O3 and were enhanced by co-incorporation of Pt. The hydrogen production activities of HNbWO6/Pt, HNbWO6/(Pt, TiO2), HNbWO6/Fe2O3 and HNbWO6/(Pt, Fe2O3) under UV light irradiation were much lower than that of unsupported TiO2/Pt, however, they showed photocatalytic activity even under visible light irradiation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)129-133
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry
Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - 1999 Nov


  • FeO
  • HNbWO
  • Intercalation
  • Nanocomposites
  • Photocatalyst
  • TiO
  • Visible light

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