Syntheses and Properties of [Cu{B2H4•2P(CH3)3}2]X (X = Cl, I) and X-ray Crystal Structure of the Iodide

Mamoru Shimoi, Kinji Katoh, Hiromi Tobita, Hiroshi Ogino

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Chloride and iodide salts of bis{bis(trimethylphosphine)tetrahydrodiboron-H1,H2}copper(I), [Cu{B2H4•2P(CH3)3}2]X (X = Cl, I), were prepared by the reactions of B2H4•2P(CH3)3 with the copper(I) halides. X-ray crystal structure analysis of the iodide shows that each ligand is coordinated to the copper atom through two vicinal hydrogen atoms and the copper atom is ligated with four hydrogen atoms tetrahedrally. Crystal data: monoclinic with the space group I2/a, a = 13.003 (1) Å, b = 16.257 (2) Å, c = 12.974 (3) Å,β = 92.63 (1)°, V = 2739.7 (8) Å3, Z = 4, and R(F0) = 0.057 for 1676 reflections with |f0| > 3σ(F0).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)814-817
Number of pages4
JournalInorganic chemistry
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1990 Jan 1

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