Sustainable building and the expectation for polymer science

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The field of building environmental engineering is in the branch of architecture and building science, and its research subjects include: controlling indoor and outdoor environmental elements such as heat, air, light, and sound; the development and evaluation of building materials and equipment; and lowering the energy consumption of buildings. Conventionally, the interests concerning the architectural environment have been focused on the comfort and health of occupants. Recently, however, energy conservation, low carbonization, and building life extension become the major themes in the context of the global warming issues. Architecture, which is realized with proper consideration of these themes and thereby suitable for sustainable society, is called sustainable building. This paper introduces research conducted by the author on the development of desiccant air conditioning systems using polymer materials for improving air conditioning efficiency. The paper also describes expectations on polymer science in the field of building environmental engineering to realize sustainable buildings.

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Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jul


  • Desiccant air conditioning system
  • Energy saving
  • Sustainable building

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