Study on the ωπ0 and νπ- systems in the π-p reaction at KEK

S. Fukui, N. Horikawa, S. Inaba, T. Inagaki, Y. Inagaki, Y. Ishizaki, T. Iwata, T. Kinashi, M. Kurashina, I. Maeda, T. Matsuda, K. Mori, T. Nakamura, T. Nakanishi, K. Ohmi, C. Ohmori, T. Sato, K. Takamatsu, R. Takashima, T. TsuruY. Yasu, J. Aoyagi, S. Fukui, T. Hasegawa, N. Hayashi, N. Horikawa, J. Iizuka, S. Inaba, S. Ishimoto, Y. Ishizaki, T. Iwata, E. Kanatani, H. Kawai, T. Kinashi, J. Kishi, K. Kobayashi, S. Kobayashi, Y. Kobayashi, K. Matsuda, T. Matsuda, K. Mori, T. Nakagawa, S. Nakamura, T. Nakamura, T. Nakanishi, A. Narita, K. Ohmi, C. Ohmori, S. Okumi, T. Samoto, H. Shimizu, K. Takamatsu, M. Takasaki, T. Tsubaki, T. Tsuchiya, T. Tsuru, I. Yamauchi, Y. Yasu, H. Y. Yoshida, A. Wakai

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Experimental studies on the ωπ0 and νπ- systems in the π-p reactions have been performed at KEK. The moment analysis of the ωπ0 system shows a clear peak of b10(1235) in the IJpc = 11+- wave. In the 11-- wave, no clear peak is seen. The properties of C(1480) with 11-- and ρ{variant}(1450) are discussed taking into account upper limits of their cross sections. The experiment on the νπ- system was planned to search for an exotic resonance with IJpc = 11-+. The data taking run was finished and an analysis is under way.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)168-173
Number of pages6
JournalNuclear Physics B (Proceedings Supplements)
Issue numberC
Publication statusPublished - 1991 Jun
Externally publishedYes

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  • Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics
  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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