Structural and magnetic properties of Co2FeAl 0.5Si0.5 full-heusler alloy thin films on gaas substrates

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We investigated the structural and magnetic properties of Co 2FeAl05Si05 (CFAS) thin films on GaAs substrates. The CFAS thin films grew epitaxially on GaAs with CFAS (100)[100] || GaAs (100)[100] relation and formed an ordered L21structure with substrate heating deposition at TSUB = 300°C, 400 °C and post annealed at TPA = 400°C Moreover, we confirmed the no reaction between CFAS and GaAs. The CFAS thin films on GaAs showed strong uniaxial magnetic anisotropy with an easy axis of [1 10]CFAS ([110]GaAs) direction and the magnetic anisotropy generally increased by decreasing the thickness of CFAS. The magnetic moment of the CFAS film deposited with substrate heating at 300 °C was approximately 4.8μB/f.u. at room temperature.

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JournalMaterials Transactions
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Publication statusPublished - 2011 Mar


  • Full-Heusler alloy
  • Gallium-arsenide
  • Magnetic anisotropy

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